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Highgate - Mourning Bride by misteriddles Highgate - Mourning Bride by misteriddles
Highgate - Mourning Bride
Highgate Cemetery, London 1990/1

Previously: Highgate Eros
*update March 2006*

Cropped image to a square format to remove surplus foliage from the bottom of the frame and create a more pronounced triangular composition; added clouds via Photoshop to give the bleached out London sky a bit more ambient oomph; added extra blur to the trees in the background; changed title. Original image shot on Ilford XP1 (dye process B&W). Scanned from minilab print.
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Pan-Zareta Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Yes, she does seem to be looking at you. "What are you doing, snapping pictures? You're supposed to be brooding on the impermenence of life and your impending d - oohh, is that an Ilford XP1?!"
After I saw a documentary on Highgate Cemetery, it was one of the places I wanted to visit when I hosteled in England in 1987, alas, it started pouring just as I got to the nearby hostel (which was full! Agh!)
The picture has great atmosphere, and I can't describe it in words other commenters haven't already used.
IMAGEMKRPHOTO Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2006  Professional Photographer
This is wonderful GREAT COMPOSITION :clap:
misteriddles Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2006   Photographer
Oops: I noticed your appreciation of the original compositon of this piece just as I uploaded a revised cropped version. I hope you'd agree the tighter square format is better. The other tweaks with sky and trees I hope are not too clumsy.
IMAGEMKRPHOTO Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2006  Professional Photographer
WOW the new crop is amazing - The image is so much stronger - The viewer really gets the sense that she is hiding behind the foliage. THIS IS EVEN MORE STUNNING THAN BEFORE :clap::clap::clap:
centrifuge Featured By Owner May 17, 2003
I really like the compostion of this capture alot, and the contrast. The expression on her face seems desperate... I like this alot
caltha Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2003   Photographer
nice composition with the bushes in front of her and the trees behind her
piqument Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2002  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice. Her can almost read them.
kgcreative Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2002  Professional General Artist
wonderful textures. she looks like she's been caught... covering herself up, hiding behind the bushes

another beautiful image from you. :) (Smile)
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moon Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2002
Great perspective in this shot. I love how you've shot it with the dark foliage in front of the stark statue. She looks ghostly to me . . . like a mourning Victorian beauty who had caught you snapping photos in her sacred garden and is now a bit sad, and maybe a bit angry. Watch out, she might be haunting you! :D (Big Grin)
pickledpiggies Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2002
hmmm. . .looks like she's doing something "dirty" behind those bushes!
very pretty. ..
syncretism Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2002
beautiful work as normal...
...a very interesting expression upon this statue
especially as it appears to be peeking over the foliage...
...simply lovely
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fangedfem Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2002
She looks as though she is peering down from atop the shrubs- a longing gaze- lovely capture =) (Smile)
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dark-euridice Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2002
This is very nice too...... so refined and misterious..... you have the eye!... :) (Smile)
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axoneflux Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2002
theres something sooo sad about her/his face ....another great shot
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